“The music is not in the notes, but the silence in between…”

-Wolfgang Mozart

Raven Corbridge

Music is a very uniquely human obsession. Song, as we know it, started when speech patterns really set in and we discovered the wonder of rhythm, tone, and resonance. One of the oldest notated pieces of music dates back to 1st century A.D. in Greece written on a tombstone!

As powerful as words can be, they fail us every day. How do you describe your exclusive experiences? How do you voice the way sadness feels? Happiness? Loss? It is where we fall short to define our feelings, that music becomes our purest expression.

My name is Miss Raven Corbridge and I have known the piano not only as an art form, but as a lifetime friend and an extension of who I am. During lesson time I believe in passion, artistic expression, and patience. Most of all, fun. We will grow and nurture your love of song with gentle pushes in the right direction, and an understanding that Music connects us all.

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raven corbridge

Beginner Lessons

If you, or your child, are brand-new to piano I offer a curriculum that will introduce the building blocks of music theory and the essential of technique. We will use books that are easy to navigate and study music pieces fit for your unique style.

Intermediate Lessons

If you, or your child, have previous experience, we will take your current knowledge and expand it by introducing you to more complex music pieces and concepts.

Advanced Lessons

Already a pro? I can help further your skills even more by bringing new challenges to light. We will inspect elaborate and great works of composition by some of the greatest music minds.

Adult Lessons

Whether you are twenty or eighty-five, I offer a syllabus fit for adults of any age that will suit your busy life. We will cover a wide variety of topics tailored to your learning style and current skills.

Composition Lessons

Love music? Always wanted to write your own songs? I can help you channel your creativity into a constructive piece of art that you can cherish for years. I will show you the different parts of a song, how they fit together, and most importantly, to compose your own unique sound.

And more!